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About Us

High En·ti·ty
a thing with distinct and independent existence
- -

Currently headquartered in Puerto Rico, High Entity was founded in 2018 as a small online marketplace for discovering unique clothing and lifestyle products.  

High Entity is principled in it's pursuit of unique items that do not "represent" a "brand" label - as we feel that branding conflicts with our idea of global independent existence for all and can hold us back from becoming higher entities

Our vision was to carve out a little piece of the internet where we could share these items with a community of people who found them desirable and useful.

Our passion for bringing the latest products to you inspires us to dig a little deeper and search a little bit longer - because we’re customers at heart too!

As a company, we are always looking for that next opportunity to create a more convenient, “hassle-free” shopping experience with excellent customer support. 

We believe you want to make good choices too, so we invite you to join us, come find something new and exciting!

- The High Entity Team